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The 1935 Packard Eight Phaeton Model 1201 is a true gem from the golden age of American luxury automobiles. Revered as a “Full Classic” by the Classic Car Club of America (CCCA), this stunning convertible embodies the elegance and sophistication of pre-war automotive design.

A Brief History of the 1935 Packard Eight Phaeton

Packard, a leading American luxury car manufacturer, was significantly impacted by the Great Depression. Despite the economic challenges, 1935 marked a turning point for Packard by introducing the One-Twenty, an entry-level model that revived the company’s fortunes. This year also saw a surge in demand for the Packard Eight, solidifying its place in automotive history.

Distinctive Design and Styling


The 1935 Packard Eight Phaeton underwent several notable design updates that set it apart from its predecessors:

  • Aerodynamic Radiator Housing: The radiator grille was slanted five degrees back, giving the car a sleek, aerodynamic look.
  • Modernized Hood: Adding chrome louvres on the hood further enhanced its modern appeal.
  • Pontoon Rear Fenders: The redesigned rear fenders, which have a “pontoon” style, hint at future automotive design trends.

Under the Hood: Performance and Mechanics

Powering this magnificent automobile is a 320 cubic inch L-head inline 8-cylinder engine, paired with a single 2-barrel carburettor, delivering an impressive 130 horsepower. The engine is complemented by a 3-speed manual transmission, operated via a floor-mounted shifter, providing an engaging and enjoyable driving experience.


Luxurious Features and Options

The 1935 Packard Eight Phaeton is equipped with a host of luxurious features that enhance both its aesthetic and functional appeal:

  • Dual Covered Sidemounts: These spare tyres are encased in stylish hard covers, each topped with chrome mirrors.
  • Auxiliary Spotlight and Front Driving Lights: improve visibility during night drives.
  • Rear-Mounted Luggage Rack: It is ideal for long tours and adds practicality without compromising style.
  • Wind-Deflecting Wing Windows: These reduce wind interference for front-seat passengers.
  • Canvas Side Windows: These provide additional protection during cruises.



Exterior and Interior Elegance

  • Mayan Maroon Exterior: The car is finished in a rich Mayan Maroon with cream striping, exuding a timeless charm.
  • Wide Whitewall tyres: These tyres complete the classic look, mounted on painted wire wheels with Packard Eight chrome hubcaps.
  • Beige Cloth Convertible Top: When down, it is manually operated and folds neatly into a matching canvas boot cover.

Inside, the Phaeton is just as impressive:

  • Caramel Leather Upholstery: The seats and door panels are upholstered in luxurious Caramel leather.
  • Elegant Dash and Instrumentation: The burl woodgrain dash houses a 120 MPH speedometer, temperature, oil pressure, amp, and fuel gauges, along with a clock and an optional factory AM radio.

A Collector’s Dream

Whether you’re an avid collector or a first-time buyer, the 1935 Packard Eight Phaeton Model 1201 is a remarkable addition to any classic car collection. Its historical significance, exquisite design, and luxurious features make it a standout example of automotive excellence from the pre-war era.

In conclusion, the 1935 Packard Eight Phaeton is not just a car but a symbol of an era where luxury and craftsmanship were paramount. Its timeless appeal and exceptional condition make it a must-have for any classic car enthusiast.

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