Video: A 1959 Ford Fashion Show

In the middle of the U.S. Pavilion at Expo 58, the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair, something cool happened a fashion show highlighting the grace and style of the 1959 Ford cars.

At the dazzling Expo, Ford Motor Company proudly showed off their new models, recently awarded a gold medal by the stylish folks at the Comité Français des L’élegance in Paris, a fancy fashion group.

They called the new ’59 Fords “the world’s most beautifully proportioned cars.” The mystery of whether the fashion experts or the car company chose those words adds an exciting twist to the story.

A Unique Lineup: Showing Off Style in Every Model

What’s interesting is that Ford didn’t choose their fanciest cars for this big show. Instead of the top-of-the-line cars, they showcased slightly simpler ones. The Fairlane 500 was the star instead of the more luxurious Galaxie.

The station wagons were represented by the Country Sedan, not the fancier Country Squire. And for the convertible, they went with a simple Sunliner instead of the fancy retractable Skyliner.

It seems like Ford wanted to say that every ’59 Ford, no matter where it was in the lineup, was the height of fashion.


Interestingly, George Walker, Ford’s design chief, proudly said the ’59s were his favorites of all the cars made under his watchful eye.

Riding the Success Wave: Ford’s 1959 Triumph

In the story of cars, 1959 was a great year for Ford. They made a whopping 1,462,000 cars that year. Even though they sold 19,000 fewer cars than Chevrolet, Ford did well in the competitive market.

One highlight was the new model called the Galaxie, which became the best seller with over 269,000 units sold.

When you look at what people wanted, it’s clear that fans of big Fords cared more about features than price. A huge 78 percent chose the V8 engine over the inline six, and 71 percent liked the convenience of automatic transmission.

As we explore the world of 1959 Fords through this exciting fashion show, these cars aren’t just about how well they run. They also stand for style, elegance, and a design idea that people who loved cars at that time really liked.

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