Unveiling the 1947 Lincoln Continental Convertible: A Rare CCCA Full Classic

The 1947 Lincoln Continental Convertible is a cherished gem in the classic car world, renowned for its exceptional power, driveability, and classic design. With an older restoration that has preserved its elegance and charm, this particular model stands as a testament to American automotive ingenuity. Let’s delve into the rich history and unique features of this remarkable vehicle.

A Glimpse into the Lincoln Continental’s Origins

The story of the Lincoln Continental began in 1939 when Edsel Ford, then President of Lincoln, commissioned a custom-built 1939 Lincoln Convertible Coupe. Inspired by the sleek, aerodynamic designs of high-end European cars, Edsel’s unique Lincoln became the blueprint for the 1940 Lincoln-Zephyr Continental. This model marked a significant departure from the boxy and outdated Model K, introducing a more modern and stylish design.

The Design Revolution of the Continental

The Lincoln Continental’s design was groundbreaking for its time. By eliminating the old-fashioned running boards and incorporating more glass, the Continental embraced a futuristic art-deco aesthetic. The car was also longer and lower than its predecessors, symbolizing a new direction in American car design. This innovative approach resonated with car enthusiasts and set the stage for future models.

The Impact of World War II

Like many American manufacturers, Lincoln faced a production halt in 1942 due to World War II. When the war ended in 1945, automobile production resumed with re-trimmed versions of pre-war models. The 1946 Lincoln Continental, introduced on September 13, 1945, largely reused 1942 tooling and bodies with minor cosmetic updates. The most noticeable change was the significantly enlarged grille.

The 1947 Lincoln Continental: A Subtle Evolution

By 1947, the Lincoln Continental saw minimal changes from the previous year. In fact, discerning the differences between the 1946 and 1947 models can be a challenge, often requiring the owner’s input. Despite the lack of substantial updates, the 1947 Lincoln Continental Convertible enjoyed immense popularity, becoming the most expensive Lincoln of its time with an MSRP close to $5,000. This high price tag meant the car was attainable only to a select few, making it a rare and prized possession.

Limited Production and Lasting Legacy

Only 738 Lincoln Continental Convertibles were produced in 1947, adding to the model’s rarity and desirability. The Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) has recognized the 1947 Continental as a “Full Classic” due to its limited production, high original cost, and timeless beauty. This particular example, lovingly maintained by a southern-based owner for over 50 years, exemplifies the elegance and distinction of the Continental.

Under the Hood: Power and Performance

Beneath the hood of this 1947 Lincoln Continental Convertible lies a 305 cubic inch L-Head V12 engine, paired with a single 2-barrel carburetor. This powertrain originally delivered an impressive 130 horsepower. The engine is mated to a 3-speed manual transmission, operated via a column-mounted “3-on-the-tree” shifter. The single exhaust port emits a rich, throaty sound, enhancing the driving experience.


Aesthetics and Elegance: Exterior Features

The 1947 Lincoln Continental Convertible is a visual masterpiece, riding on wide whitewall bias-ply tires mounted on steel wheels with full wheelcovers and beauty rings. A rear-mounted continental kit houses the spare tire, and the rear wheels are tucked behind fender skirts, adding to the car’s sleek appearance. The black cloth power convertible top is in excellent condition, easily operable with a simple switch. The exterior is finished in a striking Pace Car Yellow paint, making this car a standout at any event.

Luxurious Interior: Comfort and Style

Inside, the 1947 Lincoln Continental Convertible exudes luxury with reupholstered Oxblood Red leather front and rear bench seats. The matching carpeting, door panels, painted dash, and steering wheel all maintain a stock appearance, showcasing meticulous care and attention to detail. The instrument cluster includes a 110 MPH speedometer, temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, amp gauge, and fuel gauge. Additional features such as the AM radio with an integrated speaker, a clock, and a locking glovebox enhance the interior’s functionality and charm.

A Timeless Classic Worthy of Any Collection

Whether you’re a first-time classic car buyer or an avid collector, the 1947 Lincoln Continental Convertible represents an extraordinary addition to any collection. Its combination of rarity, historical significance, and enduring beauty makes it a prized possession for any classic car enthusiast. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this remarkable piece of automotive history. Contact Ellingson’s today at 763-428-7337 for more information.

Key Features:

  • 305 Cu. In. L-Head V12 Engine
  • Single 2 Barrel Carburetor
  • 3 Speed Manual Transmission
  • 130 Horsepower
  • Wide Whitewall Tires with Full Wheelcovers & Beauty Rings
  • Black Cloth Power Convertible Top
  • One of 738 Produced
  • Pace Car Yellow Exterior
  • Oxblood Red Leather Interior
  • Continental Kit
  • Stock Instrumentation
  • Odometer Reads: 81,999 Miles

Embrace the elegance and power of the 1947 Lincoln Continental Convertible, a true classic that continues to captivate and inspire.

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