“Unveiling the 1935 Audi Front 225 Roadster: A Classic Blend of Innovation and Elegance”


The Audi Front 225, also known as the ‘Typ UW’ in Germany, represents a significant chapter in the history of front-wheel drive vehicles. This model succeeded Audi’s initial foray into front-wheel drive, which began with the original two-liter model.

A Product of the Auto Union Empire

Manufactured under the auspices of Auto Union, the Front 225 shared its engine with the Wanderer W245. This robust Inline-6 engine initially delivered 50 bhp at 3300 rpm. In 1937, an upgrade boosted its performance to 55 bhp at 3800 rpm, transmitting power to the front wheels through a 4-speed transmission.

Bodywork and Design

Auto Union’s Horch-Werk facility was responsible for crafting the bodywork of the Audi Front 225. This model was available in several distinct styles, including:

  • A 4-seat sport sedan
  • A 6-window limousine
  • A 2-seat Cabriolet
  • A dedicated 2-seat roadster

In addition to these, around 25 Spezial Roadsters were specially made by the renowned Coach Works Erdmann et Rossi.


Production and Legacy

The production run of the Audi Front 225 was relatively short-lived. By 1938, only 2,600 units had been produced, marking the end of this innovative line. Despite its brief production period, the Front 225 remains a remarkable example of early front-wheel drive technology and automotive design.


The Audi Front 225 is more than just a classic car; it is a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of its era. From its engineering marvel of the Inline-6 engine to the elegant bodywork crafted by Auto Union and Coachworks Erdmann et Rossi, the Front 225 continues to capture the admiration of classic car enthusiasts around the world.

Photo Source: Favcars.com

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