Touchberry Family’s Vintage Drive for Hydrocephalus Awareness in a 103-Year-Old Ford Model T


Get ready for an amazing adventure with the Touchberry family! They’re hitting the road in a super old car, a 103-year-old Ford Model T. But it’s not just for fun – they’re on a mission to tell everyone about hydrocephalus. Can an old car help people learn about this medical condition? Let’s see!

The Adventure Begins

On November 17th, the Touchberry family started their old car and set off on a big trip from South Carolina to California. Todd is driving not just for fun but to help with hydrocephalus research.

Every mile they drive is turning their old car into a way to tell people about hydrocephalus. Buckle up as they travel through history, making every mile count for a cause that’s important!

Elizabeth’s Story

At the center of this adventure is Elizabeth, the Touchberry’s strong daughter, who was born with hydrocephalus. She’s been through 19 brain surgeries since she was two days old, but she keeps going.

While some people take medicine for a headache, Elizabeth faces life with surgeries. Her story is about bravery, and that’s why her family is driving across the country to bring hope to others with hydrocephalus. Each road they take is a sign of her courage.

The Big Goal

They want to finish in 13 days, beating the current record and collecting money for hydrocephalus research. Their goal is to get $10 for every mile they drive. Every turn of the wheel brings them closer to helping people with this medical condition.

Making a Difference

As the old car rolls on, Jennifer, one of the family members, is amazed at how well these old cars can still work. They’ve been used for long trips across the country before.

The Touchberry family are also showing how important old cars are in American history. With every turn, they’re making a change and giving hope to people with hydrocephalus.

Join the Journey

You can follow the Touchberry family’s trip for hydrocephalus updates on Your support can make a change. Every mile they drive and every donation they get helps. Let’s work together to bring hope!

Have you ever gone on a trip for something you care about? Share your stories in the comments, and let’s inspire each other! Don’t forget to tell your family and friends about this adventure.

Every share helps people learn about hydrocephalus and brings hope. Together, we can make a difference!

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