This Cult Classic Movie Has the Most INSANE Car Collection You’ll Ever See

In the glamorous world of Hollywood where dreams come true, stories are spun, and car cultures take shape, there’s one film that stands out among the rest The Hollywood Knights.

This 1980 cult classic, directed by Floyd Mutrux, takes us on a trip down memory lane to Halloween night in 1965, bringing with it teenage rebellion and a love for cars.

Let’s dive into the behind-the-scenes magic, the symphony of cars and characters, and the enduring legacy of Project X.

Behind the Scenes: Tubby’s Drive-In and the Movie Magic

Filmed in 1979 and released in 1980, The Hollywood Knights transports us to a recreated A&W Root Beer spot at 7310 Van Nuys Blvd, California Tubby’s Drive-In.

This drive-in, facing closure, becomes the center stage for a plot where the protagonists bid farewell with a bang.

Fun fact: the drive-in set was so realistic that people off the street wanted the eight-cent special, not realizing they were stepping onto a movie set!


A Symphony of Cars and Characters

The Hollywood Knights weaves together three interconnected subplots, making us laugh and cheer along the way. Project X, a vibrant yellow ’57 Chevy 210, steals the spotlight.

Duke, played by Tony Danza, and his romantic adventures with Suzie Q (Michelle Pfeiffer) set the stage for the movie’s car-centric escapades.

Add in Vietnam draft anxieties and the wild antics of the Hollywood Knights’ Newbomb Turk, and you’ve got a unique cinematic experience, complete with a killer ’60s soundtrack.

Cars of the Silver Screen: Project X and Friends

Transported to the Hollywood of 1965, we see vintage cars stealing the show. Despite the setting, the cars emit a mid-’70s vibe, curated by the automotive detective Billy Davis.

Project X, the rebellious ’57 Chevy 210, shines with its small-block, Roots blower, and a missing hood. Street racing scenes, a ’66 Shelby Cobra, and details like visible “smoke” during engine trouble add to the vintage charm.

Adjacent to Tubby’s is Smitty’s Speed Shop, a hub for hot rodding action. Classic rides like a 1940 Ford coupe, humorously discussed for its color, add a touch of nostalgia to the film.

Project X Legacy: Beyond the Silver Screen

Project X, as seen in The Hollywood Knights, is just one chapter in its 56-year journey as a project car.

The movie’s legacy extends far beyond the screen, with a devoted fan following and tribute cars like hot rodder Ken Farrell’s keeping the spirit alive. The Hollywood Knights and Project X live on in the hearts of enthusiasts and car clubs.

The Cars of The Hollywood Knights: A Parade of Classics

The Hollywood Knights features a dazzling array of vintage cars that bring 1965 to life. From a ’57 Chevrolet 210 to a Plymouth Hemi-Cuda, each car adds to the film’s authentic charm and solidifies its status as an automotive cult classic.

What’s your favorite memory from The Hollywood Knights era, and which classic car stole the show for you?

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