This Car Cost More Than Your House in 1955! But Was It Worth It?

Imagine cruising back in time to the 1950s, where the Pontiac Safari steals the spotlight as the coolest car in town.

This sporty two-door wagon didn’t just pop into existence; it started as a dream at the 1954 Motorama, GM’s car showcase.

Inspired by its cousin, the Chevrolet Nomad, the Pontiac Safari became a reality in January 1955.

Brothers with a Twist

1957 Pontiac Safari

The Pontiac Safari and the Chevrolet Nomad might look like siblings, but there’s more than meets the eye. While both sport a sleek two-door design, the Safari proudly stands on Pontiac’s longer 122-inch Chieftain platform.

Talk about a grand entrance! Named the Custom Star Chief Safari, it’s the fancier version of the Nomad. And guess what? The longer wheelbase gives it an even more attractive look.

Luxury Comes at a Cost

1956 Pontiac Safari

In 1955, when the Safari made its debut, it wasn’t just a new car on the block it came with a price tag that turned heads. At $2,962, it was $500 more than the Nomad.

But here’s the catch: you got more bang for your buck. Leather seats, a powerful 287 cubic-inch V8 engine the Safari was the definition of luxury on wheels.


Pontiac didn’t make as many Safaris as Chevy did Nomads, but those who owned one were part of an exclusive club.

Changes over ’56 and ’57

As time rolled on, so did the Pontiac Safari. In 1956 and 1957, it got updates to keep up with the latest trends. But here’s the cool part: in 1957, Pontiac decided to put the Safari name on all their station wagons, not just the sporty two-door model.

That move stuck around until 1991. And get this from 1985 to 2005, the Safari name even graced a GMC minivan.

A Ride Through History

1955 Pontiac Safari

The Pontiac Safari’s journey is like a storybook from dream to reality and beyond. It blended sportiness with sophistication, leaving its mark on the roads. So, what memories does the Pontiac Safari bring to mind for you? Share your stories in the comments below!

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