The Timeless Classic: 1959 Ford Fairlane


Step back in time with the stunning 1959 Ford Fairlane, an iconic representation of 1950s American automotive design. This classic car, currently available for sale in Brownsville, Tennessee, epitomizes the era’s blend of style and performance. Let’s explore the key features and allure of this timeless beauty.

Exterior Elegance

Distinctive Design

The 1959 Ford Fairlane boasts a sleek and eye-catching two-tone paint job featuring a vibrant yellow complemented by pearl white. The car’s exterior is in excellent condition, with no dents on the front end or grille, showcasing the meticulous care it has received. The square rear window adds to its unique charm, distinguishing it from other vehicles of its time.

Chrome Accents

The Fairlane’s chrome has been completely reworked, restoring its original luster and enhancing its vintage appeal. The dual exhausts add to the car’s aesthetic and hint at its powerful performance capabilities.

Interior Comfort

Classic Vinyl Seating

Step inside the Fairlane, and you’ll be greeted by a pristine interior featuring white vinyl seats. The interior condition is charming, preserving the classic look and feel that enthusiasts cherish. This attention to detail ensures a comfortable and nostalgic driving experience.


Functional Gauges and Lights

The vehicle’s gauges and lights are fully functional, reflecting the car’s well-maintained status. These operational details are crucial for the driving experience and the car’s authenticity as a classic.

Performance and Mechanics

Reliable V8 Engine

Under the hood, the 1959 Ford Fairlane houses its original V8 engine. Known for its robust performance, this engine is in running condition, ensuring that the Fairlane is not just a showpiece but a functional classic ready for the road.

Smooth Transmission

The car has a two-speed Ford-O-Matic automatic transmission, which provides a smooth and effortless driving experience. This transmission was a popular feature in late 1950s models and was known for its reliability and ease of use.


Tires and Wheels

New Whitewall Tires

The Fairlane has new whitewall tires, which add to its classic look and ensure a smooth ride. These tires are a nod to the period-correct styling that classic car enthusiasts admire.

Ownership and Condition

Clear Title

This 1959 Ford Fairlane has a clear title, making the buying process straightforward and secure. The precise title is a testament to the car’s clean history and well-documented ownership.

Price and Location

Listed for $16,000 or the best offer, this classic Fairlane represents excellent value for a vehicle of its vintage and condition. It is located in Brownsville, Tennessee, and is accessible to interested buyers who want to view and purchase this piece of automotive history.


The 1959 Ford Fairlane is more than just a car; it’s a piece of Americana that captures the spirit of an era. With its distinctive design, meticulously maintained condition, and reliable performance, this Fairlane is a dream for classic car enthusiasts. Whether you’re a collector or simply a lover of vintage cars, this Fairlane offers an opportunity to own a beautifully preserved piece of automotive history.

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