The Story of a 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350H Rediscovered in an Ohio Backyard after 40 Years

Hey there, car enthusiasts! Let’s dive into an amazing tale from the world of cars—the story of the 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350H. Buckle up for a journey that involves racing, evolution, and a recent discovery that has car lovers buzzing!

The Exciting Beginning of the Mustang Legacy

Back in April 1964, something incredible happened in the car world—the launch of the Ford Mustang! In just 18 months, almost one million Mustangs hit the road, creating a massive sensation.

However, the early Mustangs, connected to Ford’s economy car, the Falcon, weren’t the peak of cool car performance.

Then, enter Carroll Shelby, a trusted name at Ford known for his successful Cobra projects. In December 1964, the GT-350 joined the Sports Car Championship of America’s B-Production Racing, kickstarting an impressive racing career.

The GT-350, revealed in January 1965, won three SCCA B-Production Championships from 1965 to 1967, making it a part of Ford’s racing legacy.

The Birth of a Racing Legend

January 1965 was a turning point for Shelby America when they took over the GT-40 project. The GT-350, born from a White Mustang 2+2, got a major makeover focusing on chassis and handling.


It became not just a muscle car but a powerful sports car. The Hi-Po 289 V8 engine went from 271 to 306 bhp.

Lots of mechanical upgrades happened, including a special four-speed manual transmission, a competition suspension system, adjustable shock absorbers, and front disc brakes. The exterior got a new lightweight hood, cool racing stripes, a unique grille, and a tricolored running horse.

Inside the Beast

The all-black interior featured bucket seats, special competition seatbelts, and a unique instrument cluster. The 1965 GT350 was a hit, but feedback from buyers led to changes for a more user-friendly model the next year.

Evolution Continues in 1966

For 1966, Shelby ordered 252 more cars to match Ford’s new ’66 Mustangs. Changes included clear rear windows, functional side scoops for brake cooling, and tweaks to the front grille.

The engine stayed the same, but they made improvements for a smoother ride and added comfort. Plus, an automatic transmission, fold-down rear seat, and an optional supercharger were introduced.

A total of 1,365 cars were made in 1966, along with 1,000 GT 350H Hertz ‘Rent A Racers’ and 13 special prototypes. Some 1966 models had Paxton superchargers, boosting the horsepower to an impressive 440 bhp.

A Shift in the Story

In 1966, Ford wanted to appeal to a wider audience and started ‘toning down’ the Mustang. This caused friction between Ford and Shelby, leading to them parting ways.

The later Shelbys became more of a trim package than the powerful cars they were at the start.

Back to the Future: Rediscovering the GT350H

Fast forward to today, and guess what? Enthusiasts recently found a 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350H in an Ohio backyard! This classic, with a racing history and decades of rest, adds another chapter to the Shelby Mustang legacy.

In conclusion, the 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350H isn’t just an old car; it’s a symbol of automotive innovation, racing greatness, and the lasting charm of a classic.

As this incredible car comes back to life, it encourages us to think about the journey of an icon that still captures the hearts of car fans worldwide.

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