The Revolutionary Duesenberg Model A: From Race Tracks to Roads

The Duesenberg Legacy: From Racing Roots to Road-Going Pioneers

For nearly a decade, the Duesenberg Company was synonymous with racing cars and engines, dominating the tracks with their advanced technology. However, the early 1920s marked a significant shift in their focus. The company embarked on an ambitious new venture: the creation of a groundbreaking road car known as the Model A.

Bridging Racing Expertise to Road Innovation

Drawing on their extensive experience in racing, the Duesenberg brothers infused the Model A with cutting-edge technology and design elements that were revolutionary for its time. This transition from track to tarmac resulted in a vehicle that made an unforgettable impact on the automotive world.

Unmatched Engineering: The Features of the Model A

Pioneering Design Elements

The Model A was a marvel of innovative engineering, diverging from conventional automotive practices of its era. Key features included:

Low-Slung Chassis: Designed for superior handling and stability.

Lightweight Axles: Enhancing overall performance and agility.

Four-Wheel Hydraulic Brakes: An industry first, providing unprecedented stopping power.


Advanced Engine Technology

The heart of the Model A was its engine, which boasted:

Overhead Camshaft: Ensuring efficient and powerful performance.

Lightweight Construction: Similar to an enlarged version of their 183ci Grand Prix racing engine.

Racing-Inspired Radiator: A nod to the vehicle’s high-performance heritage.

Distinctive Aesthetics

Completing the package were substantial knock-off wire wheels and a design that exuded racing spirit. These elements made the Model A not only a technical marvel but also a visual standout.

Limited Production and Lasting Legacy

Approximately 500 of these advanced, high-performance machines were produced. Today, only about 40 of these rare vehicles remain, each a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the Duesenberg brothers. Unlike the later Model J, the Model A was a true Duesenberg creation, designed from the ground up by its original visionary creators.


The Duesenberg Model A stands as a pivotal chapter in automotive history, blending racing technology with groundbreaking road car design. Its legacy endures, reminding us of a time when innovation and passion drove the creation of truly remarkable vehicles.

Source: Bonhams Cars

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