The Revolutionary 1965 Ford: A New Era of Automotive Design


The 1965 Ford full-sized cars marked a significant milestone, introducing the most extensive redesign in 15 years. This transformation brought both aesthetic and engineering advancements, setting a new standard for Ford and the industry.

Innovative Design

Exterior Overhaul

The 1965 Ford lineup featured a bold new styling theme with vertical headlamps and a completely redesigned chassis. This modern look replaced the older design, giving the cars a fresh and contemporary appeal.

Advanced Chassis

The new chassis included coil springs on all four corners and a trailing-arm rear suspension system, replacing the previous leaf springs. This setup provided a smoother ride and better handling, while a robust perimeter frame with large torque boxes reduced road noise and improved body stiffness.

Enhanced Performance

Improved Ride Quality

Car Life magazine was so impressed that they tested the 1965 Ford twice, praising its ride, handling, and overall quietness. The new design was declared “quite unlike any Ford that has come before.”

Quieter Ride

Ford’s confidence in their new design led to a bold marketing claim: their full-sized cars were “quieter than a Rolls-Royce,” highlighting the significant improvements in noise reduction and ride comfort.



The 1965 Ford full-sized cars revolutionized the brand with their comprehensive redesign and engineering innovations. These models not only enhanced ride quality and performance but also set a new benchmark for automotive design.

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