The Iconic Talbot-Lago T23: A Masterpiece of Pre-War Automotive Engineering

Few marques evoke the same admiration and fascination in the annals of automotive history as Talbot-Lago. Following Major Anthony “Tony” Lago’s acquisition of Talbot of Suresnes, the French manufacturer embarked on redefining luxury and performance. One of the earliest models to emerge from this renaissance was the Talbot T23, affectionately known as the “Baby Talbot.”

Birth of the Talbot-Lago Brand

Tony Lago’s vision was to transform Talbot into a brand synonymous with innovation and elegance. The T23 played a crucial role in this transformation. Introduced as one of the initial new models post-acquisition, the T23 set the stage for the illustrious Talbot-Lago brand. It wasn’t just a car but a statement of sophistication and advanced engineering.

A Versatile Chassis for Diverse Needs

The T23 came in various chassis lengths, offering flexibility to meet different customer needs. This adaptability was one of the keys to its success, catering to both luxury enthusiasts and performance seekers alike. The versatility of the chassis allowed coachbuilders to design bodies that ranged from opulent sedans to sporty roadsters.

Innovative Suspension Design

One of the standout features of the T23 was its X-braced independent front suspension. This innovative design contributed to its smooth handling and superior ride quality. The X-braced configuration was ahead of its time, providing stability and enhancing the driving experience, making the T23 a favorite among drivers who valued precision and comfort.

Power and Performance Under the Hood

Beneath the elegant exterior of the T23 lay a powerhouse of engineering. The six-cylinder engine was a marvel of design, featuring a hemispherical head with a low-set camshaft. This configuration operated with crossed pushrods connected to long and short rocker arms, a sophisticated mechanism that optimized engine performance.

Twin Solex Carburetors: A Performance Boost

Equipped with twin Solex carburetors, the T23’s engine could generate an impressive 140 bhp generated at 4,200 rpm. This level of power was remarkable for the era, giving the T23 a competitive edge in the pre-war sports car market. The combination of engineering excellence and raw power made the T23 a thrilling drive revered by automotive enthusiasts.

Aesthetic Brilliance: The Elegance of the T23

The Talbot T23 was not just about performance; it was also a beauty to behold. The elegant bodywork, characterized by smooth lines and a refined silhouette, captured the essence of French automotive artistry. Each T23 was a testament to the craftsmanship of the era, with coachbuilders creating bespoke designs that highlighted the car’s graceful proportions.


The Legacy of the “Baby Talbot”

Nicknamed the “Baby Talbot,” the T23 became renowned as one of the most remarkable sporting automobiles of the pre-war era. Its blend of charming aesthetics, innovative engineering, and exhilarating performance secured its place in automotive history. The T23’s legacy continues to inspire classic car enthusiasts and collectors, symbolizing a golden age of automotive design and innovation.


The Talbot-Lago T23 is a shining example of Tony Lago’s vision for Talbot. It bridged the gap between luxury and performance, setting new standards in the automotive world. With its versatile chassis, advanced suspension, powerful engine, and elegant design, the T23 remains a beloved icon, celebrated for its contribution to the legacy of the Talbot-Lago brand.

Source: RM Sotheby’s

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