The Iconic Delahaye Type 135: A Classic Car Legend

A Game-Changer in 1935

1935, Delahaye introduced the Type 135, a model redefining the brand’s legacy. This sporty automobile came equipped with a robust 3.2-liter engine and featured groundbreaking technology like independent front suspension. These innovations set the Type 135 apart and quickly made it a sensation on the racing scene.

Racing Success and Pedigree

The Delahaye Type 135 was not just a beautiful car but also a formidable competitor on the track. It rapidly gained a reputation for its performance, securing podium finishes and even clinching victories in prestigious races like Le Mans. Its racing pedigree cemented Delahaye’s reputation as a manufacturer of high-performance vehicles.

Continuous Improvement and Post-War Production

Delahaye didn’t rest on its laurels with the Type 135’s initial success. The company continually refined and upgraded the model, introducing even more powerful versions. Despite the disruptions of World War II, production of the Type 135 resumed after the conflict, showcasing the brand’s resilience. However, financial difficulties eventually forced Delahaye to merge with another automaker in 1954.

Artistic Collaborations with Renowned Coachbuilders

One of the unique aspects of the Delahaye Type 135 was that Delahaye did not produce the car bodies themselves. Instead, they collaborated with esteemed coachbuilders such as Saoutchik and Chapron. These partnerships resulted in the creation of some of the era’s most stunning and collectible automobiles. Each T135 chassis was transformed into a masterpiece of automotive art, making these cars highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Legacy of the Delahaye Type 135

The Delahaye Type 135 symbolizes innovation, elegance, and racing prowess. Its combination of advanced engineering and exquisite design has ensured its place in the pantheon of classic cars. Collectors and enthusiasts continue to celebrate the Type 135 for its timeless beauty and storied history on the racetrack.


Photos courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

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