The Iconic 1960 Plymouth Fury Convertible: A “Forward Look” Masterpiece

The 1960 Plymouth Fury Convertible is a stunning example of the “Forward Look” design era, characterized by its bold tail fins and futuristic interior. This classic Mopar exemplifies the innovative styling of the late 1950s and early 1960s and embodies the high-performance and luxurious feel that defined the Fury line.

A Brief History of the Plymouth Fury

The Fury debuted in the middle of 1956 as a high- performance sports coupe, an upscale addition to the Belvedere models. Designed by Virgil Exner, the Fury quickly became synonymous with the “Forward Look” design ethos, emphasizing sleek, aerodynamic lines and futuristic styling. By 1959, the Fury had become its model line, replacing the Belvedere at the top of Plymouth’s hierarchy. This year, the Fury was also introduced as a convertible, initially branded as the “Sport Fury.”

Design and Styling Highlights

By 1960, the “Sport Fury” name was dropped, and the Fury stood as Plymouth’s premier offering. The design elements that set the 1960 Fury Convertible apart include:

  • Gold “Fury” Lettering: Adorning the front fenders, these letters added a touch of luxury.
  • Special Trim: Running the length of the car, the trim accentuated its sleek profile.
  • Fury Medallions on Tail Fins: Also referred to as “rear stabilizers,” these medallions highlighted the car’s distinctive design.

Under the Hood: Performance and Mechanics

The 1960 Plymouth Fury Convertible is powered by a 318 cubic inch V8 engine with a single 2-barrel carburettor, producing 230 horsepower. This engine is paired with an Automatic Transmission, controlled by a unique push-button shifter mounted on the dashboard. The dual exhaust system gives this classic a satisfying, throaty sound.


Features and Options

This particular Fury Convertible comes loaded with features that enhance both its performance and comfort:

  • Power Steering: Facilitates easier manoeuvring and improves the driving experience.
  • Blue Vinyl Power Convertible Top: Operates smoothly at the push of a button.
  • Wide Whitewall Tires: Mounted on full-wheel covers, these tyres complete the classic look.

Exterior and Interior Elegance

  • Two-Tone Paint Scheme: The car is finished in Sky Blue with Caribbean Blue inserts on the front fender and faux continental kit on the trunk lid.
  • Futuristic Interior: The interior features Light Blue and White Vinyl upholstery with Blue Cloth Inserts. The dash, door panels, and steering wheel all exhibit the “Forward Look” aesthetic, with the dash housing a “floating” 120 MPH speedometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, clock, Push-Button Shifter, push-button radio, and rear-view mirror.

A Rare Classic

This model is rare, as only 7,080 Fury Convertibles were produced in 1960. The 1960 model year is also notable for being the last Plymouth to feature the iconic tail fins.


Whether you are a seasoned collector or a newcomer to classic cars, the 1960 Plymouth Fury Convertible is an exceptional choice. Its historical significance, innovative design, and luxurious features make it a standout in any collection.

If you’re ready to own a piece of automotive history that captures the spirit of the “Forward Look” era, don’t miss out on this beautiful 1960 Plymouth Fury Convertible.

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