The Iconic 1936 Packard One Twenty Business Coupe


The 1936 Packard One Twenty Business Coupe exemplifies Packard’s entry into the mid-market segment, blending luxury with groundbreaking mechanical advancements. Launched in mid-1934, the One Twenty featured a 120-inch wheelbase chassis, hence its name.

Design and Features

Elegant Styling

Maintaining Packard’s renowned craftsmanship, the One Twenty combined luxury with practicality. It included advanced features like independent front suspension and hydraulic brakes, innovations at the time.

Powerful Engine

The One Twenty was powered by an upgraded straight-eight engine with a 282 cubic inch displacement, producing 120 horsepower. This engine delivered a smooth and robust performance, ensuring a memorable driving experience.

Popularity and Legacy

Market Success

With over 55,000 units sold in 1936, the One Twenty’s popularity soared, surpassing the combined sales of all other Packard models. Its success marked a significant achievement for Packard, solidifying its position in the mid-market segment.


End of an Era

Despite its success, the One Twenty was rebranded as the Eight in 1938, ending its three-year production run. Today, the 1936 Packard One Twenty Business Coupe remains a cherished classic, celebrated for its blend of luxury and innovation.

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