The Elegance of the 1940 Lincoln Zephyr

In 1940, Lincoln elevated their Zephyr line, aiming to capture the luxury market. This effort resulted in an exquisitely refined automobile that remains one of the finest examples of its era.

A Pioneer in Design

The 1940 Lincoln Zephyr stood out as one of the earliest cars to feature an externally-mounted spare tire. This innovation not only added to its unique aesthetic but also gave rise to the distinctive term “continental kit.”

The Vision of Eugene T. “Bob” Gregorie

Renowned designer Eugene T. “Bob” Gregorie was the creative force behind the car’s design. Building on the Zephyr’s original lines, Gregorie made key modifications that enhanced the vehicle’s sophistication. By lowering the body and roofline, he created a more streamlined and aerodynamic profile. Additionally, he minimized the use of chrome, opting for clean, elegant lines that emphasized the car’s sleekness.

A Successful Debut

The first model of this newly designed Zephyr was driven by Edsel Ford during his 1939 spring vacation in Florida. The trip proved to be a triumph, showcasing the car’s appeal and performance. Following this success, Lincoln launched the car into full production, offering both convertible and hardtop versions for the 1940 model year.


The 1940 Lincoln Zephyr, with its advanced design and luxurious appeal, remains a hallmark of automotive excellence. Its blend of innovation and elegance continues to captivate classic car enthusiasts and historians alike.

Photo Credit: Mecum Auctions


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