The Chrysler Fifth Avenue: A Slice of 1980s Luxury

A Glimpse into Chrysler’s Legacy

The Chrysler Fifth Avenue, a beacon of Luxury in the 1980s, was a more refined counterpart to the Dodge Diplomat and Plymouth Gran Fury. Riding on the aging M-body platform, it maintained rear-wheel drive engineering a nod to its classic roots. Spanning nine model years, Fifth Avenue saw over 569,000 units produced, a testament to its enduring appeal, especially among older or retired buyers.

A Tribute to Fifth Avenue

Chrysler aptly named this model after the upscale Fifth Avenue in New York City, a street synonymous with sophistication and high-end shopping. Interestingly, there was also a candy bar with the same name. Fifth Avenue was initially an option package on the larger R-body New Yorker. However, in 1982, the model was downsized to what was considered full-size, adapting to the changing automotive landscape.

The 1987 Model: A Classic Preserved

This particular 1987 Chrysler Fifth Avenue is a remarkable example, showing only 70,000 miles on the odometer. It has been meticulously maintained and treated to numerous new parts. In 1987, the Fifth Avenue had a single engine option—the robust 318 cubic inch V8—and an automatic transmission.

Production Peaks and Declines

The 1987 model year was notable, with over 70,000 units built. This marked Fifth Avenue’s last year of significant production numbers, with sales dropping to 43,000 in 1988 and 27,000 in 1989, the final year of production.

Condition and Care

While the history of this particular Chrysler Fifth Avenue is unknown, its pristine condition suggests it was cherished throughout its life. The paint remains vibrant, and the interior exudes the Luxury typical of the era. Everything is in working order, reflecting the care it has received.

Recent Upgrades and Offers

The list of new or updated parts is extensive: a fresh battery, new tires, brakes, and shock absorbers. All fluids have been replaced, ensuring optimal performance. Additionally, the seller includes a new $200 car cover.


A Chance to Own a Classic

For enthusiasts of vintage Mopars, this Fifth Avenue is available in Shelby, Ohio. Listed on Facebook Marketplace for $7,500, it offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of 1980s automotive Luxury. Why not take the plunge and drive it yourself instead of hiring a chauffeur? Our thanks to Barn Finder Jim Cormany for the tip!

Experience the elegance of the Chrysler Fifth Avenue and relive the charm of 1980s Luxury on wheels.


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