The 1958 Oldsmobile Super Eighty-Eight: A Cool Change

Back in 1958, Oldsmobile celebrated General Motors’ 50th year of making cars with a cool new style, thanks to Art Ross. He was the brains behind the designs at the Oldsmobile Design Studio since 1947.

Ross was all about trying new things, and in 1958, he gave the cars a fresh look that really stood out.

Fresh Outside Look: A Design Masterpiece

Say goodbye to the oval-shaped ‘jet intake’ grille! Ross shook things up by putting in a wide horizontal-bar grille and a big chrome bumper with turn signals that looked like jet intakes.

The front fenders got a makeover too, with spear-shaped accents, and the back had these cool chromed taillights.

Check Out the 1958 Oldsmobile Lineup

In 1958, Oldsmobile had three main models: the Dynamic 88, the Super 88, and the fancy 98. The Dynamic and Super 88 had the same size, with a 122.5-inch wheelbase and a length of 208.2 inches.

The Super 88 was the star with its 371 cubic-inch ‘Golden Rocket’ engine, inspired by NASCAR, giving it 305 horsepower at 4,600 RPM.


Super 88’s Powerful Engine

The Super 88 had a V8 engine, just like the 98 model. It had a Quadra-Jet four-barrel carburetor for normal driving.

But, if you wanted an extra kick, there was an optional J-2 induction system with three two-barrel carburetors, bumping up the power to an amazing 312 horsepower and 415 pounds-feet of torque. This special design made it super powerful during fast acceleration.

Different Styles and Cool Features

The Super Eighty-Eight came in lots of styles, like 2- and 4-door hardtops, sedans, convertibles, and station wagons. Prices ranged from $3,110 for a sedan to $3,630 for a station wagon.

These cars came with cool stuff like turn signals, big tires, an aluminum grille, and an oil filter. Inside, there was a padded dash, parking brake light, comfy foam rubber seats, and courtesy lights.

So Many Choices!

Owners could make their Super Eighty-Eight unique with lots of options. They could add a Trans-Portable Radio, cigar lighter, electric clock, deluxe heater, and defroster system, chrome outside mirror, vent windows, and a power radio antenna.

For a touch of luxury, there was the K-4 Headlining Option with special materials for the roof and the K-5 Interior Option Group that added safety features and extra comfort.

In 1958, the Oldsmobile Super Eighty-Eight didn’t just drive on the roads – it set a new style and performance standard, capturing the spirit of a time when cars were all about being innovative and cool.

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