The 1935 Ford V-8: A Redesign Revolution

In 1935, Ford boldly redesigned its V-8 model, ushering in significant changes that would reshape its form and function.

Forward-Thinking Design

One of the most notable changes was moving the engine substantially forward of the front wheels’ centerline. This shift resulted in a shorter hood, dramatically increasing the passenger compartment’s size. For the first time, rear-seat passengers found themselves positioned in front of the rear axle without altering the vehicle’s wheelbase. Ford aptly named this innovation the “Center-Poise Ride,” a feature that significantly enhanced interior space and ride comfort.

Exterior Enhancements

The 1935 model retained the deeply skirted front fenders first introduced in 1933. These fenders, along with an enlarged frame X-member and boxed frame side rails, provided increased rigidity and durability. The car’s appearance was further distinguished by its grille, now moved far forward between the pronounced, rounded fenders. This gave the 1935 Ford a unique, assertive, and somewhat aggressive look, characterized by its snub-nosed front end—a design that continues to captivate collectors and enthusiasts.

Engine Upgrades

Ford’s iconic flathead V-8 engine received several key enhancements. Although the horsepower remained the same, more dependable and easily serviceable insert bearings replaced the traditional Babbitt connecting rod bearings. Additionally, Stromberg’s new Model 48 carburetor improved engine performance and reliability.

Noteworthy Moments

One of the redesigned Fords served as the pace car at the prestigious Indianapolis 500-mile race on Decoration Day. Adding to its racing pedigree, four Miller-Ford V-8 Specials, known for their innovation, participated in the race. Unfortunately, all four cars suffered steering failures due to the grease in their exhaust manifold-mounted steering boxes boiling out.

A Distinctive Legacy

The 1935 Ford V-8’s distinctive style, forward grille, and aggressive stance have left a lasting impression in the automotive world. Its bold design and practical innovations have earned it a dedicated following among collectors and Ford enthusiasts, ensuring its legacy endures for generations to come.


Source: Bonhams Cars

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