Surfin’ Through Time With The 1960 Buick Lesabre Surf Wagon

Hey cool friends, winter’s got us in its icy grip, and it’s colder than a polar bear’s ice cream cone! Cruisin’ at a frosty 25 degrees, or a chilly -4 Celsius for our metric pals, Mother Nature’s playing freeze tag like a pro.

Then, out of the blue, I spot this snowy dream a Buick LeSabre surf wagon. In this winter wonderland, it’s like Mother Nature throwing a wave-crashing party.

Hangin’ with the Buick LeSabre

This old-school Buick surf wagon is totally tubular, dudes and dudettes! It’s shouting out summer vibes, waves, and beach days.

I can almost hear the distant sounds of the ocean. But let’s be real, we’re miles away from any surfable waves. Trying to catch a wave behind a tugboat on the Missouri River? That’s a whole new level of wishful thinking.

The only surfing around here involves tying onto a Seadoo at the Lake of the Ozarks – not exactly surfer’s paradise.

Time-Traveling with the General Meister


Take a peek at this rad wagon, pals. It’s a blast from the past, a gnarly piece of history. The artwork on the side takes us back to a time when John and Ringo met Ed Sullivan, and Jackie K. was yet to become Jackie O.

That phone number with letters? Totally awesome. But hold up, someone’s trying to pull a fast one on us with a fake address nowhere near the Pacific. Bummer move, man.

Back in 1960, the General Meister was on fire, unleashing the LeSabre wagon with the swagger of a true classic. With 145,000 regular LeSabres and 7,500 wagons hitting the streets, these wagons were the real deal.

But Mercury, that wicked competitor, managed to outsell Buick in wagons in 1960. Imagine the humiliation – wiping out in front of the beach babe and watching your trunks float away. That’s a downer, for sure.

The Design Groove of the Buick

But hey, this Buick has some serious charm. Check out those scowling eyebrows, giving off a vibe like, “I’m gonna kick your b*tt!” The design, with sides sloping down to the tail, is far-out.

It’s like the designer was in sync with the vibes of the era, capturing the essence of the time. If you’re comparing it to the ’59 model, sure, the ’60 might seem a bit lame, but it’s still a keeper.

Sure, the greenhouse has a touch of Chevy vibes, but this is a Buick, not some vanilla wafer Chevy. It’s upscale all the way longer wheelbase, nicer trim, and a serious V8 under the hood, none of that six-banger snooze-fest.

A 364 cid V8 with 250 horsepower now that’s sweet. And for a bit more cash, you could upgrade to the Invicta wagon with its 401 V8, ready to haul you to the beach pronto.

Preserving the Surf Wagon

This LeSabre is a rare find, not succumbing to the fate of many, left pulverized and forgotten. It seems someone treated it like a prized possession, waxing it with top-shelf care. Remember, a car is like your board treat it right, and it’ll love you back.

Buick’s Bumpy Ride in 1960

While this surf wagon is a symbol of adventure, 1960 wasn’t all sunshine and waves for Buick. They took a hit, sliding to ninth place in sales, their worst finish since 1905. Yeah, the economy was in the dumps, but it had to sting for Buick.

In the company of a Crown Victoria Sport, a Jock Ewing Lincoln Mark V, and even a Yugo, this Buick LeSabre is waiting for its next adventure. It’s itching to roam free, parked next to the curb with its buddies.

So, as I sign off to wax my board for the upcoming spring, I leave you with a classic hang ten stay groovy, folks!

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