Spotlight on the 1956 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe


Experience the grandeur of American automotive history with the 1956 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe. Featured on AutoHunter, this classic car epitomizes the luxurious design and powerful performance that defined Cadillac in the mid-20th century. Ideal for collectors and enthusiasts, this model showcases timeless elegance and meticulous craftsmanship.

Distinctive Design

Striking Exterior

Finished initially in Pecos Beige with a Taupe top, this Series 62 Coupe now sports a vibrant red and white paint scheme. The exterior features a Continental kit, power antenna, manual remote driver-side mirror, and rear fender skirts. Chrome wire wheels with whitewall tyres add to its classic appeal.

Luxurious Interior

Refined Cabin

The cabin has been updated with red cloth and vinyl upholstery, replacing the original light beige interior. Features include:

  • A power front bench seat.
  • Autronic-Eye high beam dimmer.
  • Manual windows.
  • Power steering.

Modern upgrades include a glovebox-mounted Kenwood AM/FM stereo and rear package tray speakers.


Powerful Performance

Robust Engine

Under the hood lies a 365cid V8 engine with a Hydra-Matic four-speed automatic transmission. Originally rated at 285 horsepower, this high-compression engine includes a “batwing” air cleaner housing and an external oil filter canister.

Smooth Ride

The Cadillac features an independent front suspension, solid rear-drive axle, and power four-wheel drum brakes. A dual exhaust system exits through ports in the rear bumper, ensuring a smooth and powerful drive.


The 1956 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe is a masterpiece of design and engineering. With its striking looks, luxurious interior, and robust performance, it remains a standout in the classic car world. This auction ends soon, offering a rare opportunity to own a piece of automotive history.

Image source: thewestcoastclassics

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