Sky Lounge Equipped: 1963 Ford F100 Camper


Today, we spotlight a true gem: a 1963 Ford F100 4WD pickup, paired with a 1963 Del Rey Sky Lounge Camper, currently up for grabs on eBay in Troy, Michigan. This striking red vintage camper, boasting ample headroom and an unbeatable view from its oversized upper section, is perfect for your next weekend adventure just watch out for those low clearance bridges! With the current bid at $7,100 and only two days left, could this unique camping rig be your next purchase?

Post-War America and the Rise of Recreational Vehicles

In the post-World War II era, many Americans found themselves with disposable income, allowing them to indulge in hobbies and leisure activities. Among the numerous vehicles catering to these newfound interests, truck campers emerged as a popular option. While tent camping always had its followers, many Americans preferred the comfort of a home-on-wheels. Today, we see travel trailers, vans, and motor coaches as the dominant forms of recreational vehicles. However, in the sixties and seventies, slide-in truck campers were the go-to choice for many outdoor enthusiasts.

The Practicality and Popularity of Slide-In Campers

Slide-in campers allowed outdoor lovers to use their existing heavy-duty pickups to carry the camper, making it a practical solution for many. These campers were supported by jacks, enabling easy mounting and dismounting onto the truck bed. Camper specials trucks designed specifically for carrying these campers quickly became a niche market, reflecting the growing popularity of this camping style.


Challenges of Camper Longevity

Despite the popularity of slide-in campers, their survival rate is dismally low. Lightweight construction methods, necessary for easy towing, resulted in a fragile build. Over time, the wear and tear from road travel and the inherent material deterioration meant that many campers did not survive the test of time. Seeing a well-preserved camper like this 1963 Del Rey Sky Lounge is indeed a rare treat.

The Unique 1963 Ford F100 and Del Rey Sky Lounge Camper

This remarkable vehicle has a fascinating backstory. The seller combined the body of a 1963 Ford F100 with the frame of a 1977 Ford F250, creating a robust truck capable of safely carrying the heavy and tall Sky Lounge camper. Under the hood, a 460 cubic inch big block Ford V-8 engine paired with an automatic transmission powers this unique rig.

Restoration and Features

While the ad doesn’t detail the restoration process, the photos reveal a carefully preserved interior, featuring the original dash and a few modern upgrades like an auxiliary tachometer and a contemporary radio. The powerful engine is complemented by power brakes and likely power steering, ensuring a smooth driving experience. Notably absent, however, is an air conditioning system.

The Camper’s Interior: A Home Away from Home

Del Rey Industries, based in Elkhart, Indiana, designed this Sky Lounge camper. Their innovative use of wraparound glass in the camper’s upper section set them apart in the competitive market. Inside, the camper is equipped with a three-burner stove, an oven, a refrigerator, and a full bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower. The dining area converts into a bed, and numerous windows and a screen door ensure good ventilation.

The Sky Lounge: Comfort and Views

The Sky Lounge, with its wraparound windows and extra headroom, offers a unique camping experience. Unlike the cramped sleeping areas of typical slide-in campers, the Sky Lounge provides a spacious and airy environment. This feature undoubtedly contributed to the popularity of Del Rey’s campers.

The Current Market Value

Surprisingly, the bidding for this camper-truck combo is only at $7,100. Given the current high demand for recreational vehicles, this seems like an incredible deal. Whether you’re a vintage vehicle collector or someone looking for a functional camper, this rig offers tremendous value.

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This 1963 Ford F100 4WD pickup topped with a Del Rey Sky Lounge camper is not just a vehicle; it’s a piece of camping history. Its unique features, combined with its current affordability, make it an exceptional find. Don’t miss the chance to bid on this remarkable piece of automotive and recreational heritage.

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