Reviving the Awesome Power: The AMC SC/Rambler’s Comeback

Let’s take a trip back to 1969 when the car world was buzzing with the loud sounds of muscle cars. Big names like Ford, Chevrolet, and Chrysler were all in on the action.

Ford had the Mach 1, Boss 302, and Boss 429. Chevrolet rolled out the COPO Camaro, joining their powerful big-block cars. And Chrysler was proud of the mighty 426 HEMI in their midsize B-body cars.

But wait, don’t forget about American Motors (AMC)! While AMC’s muscle cars might not have been as powerful as the big guys, they still had some cool options like the Javelin and the AMX.

In 1969, AMC teamed up with Hurst to create something special based on the Rambler American. Painted in patriotic red, white, and blue, this car, known as the SC/Rambler, aimed to be a hotshot in NHRA F/Stock class racing.

The SC/Rambler: A Racing Marvel

Even though it didn’t stick around as long as some of its rivals, the SC/Rambler left a lasting mark. Built as a dragster you could drive on the road, it could cover a quarter-mile in just over 14 seconds in its original form.


With a few tweaks from AMC, it turned into a 12-second speed demon on the dragstrip. Despite only being in production for a few months, AMC went beyond their plan to make 500 units, selling 1,512 of these bad boys.

Today, it’s a rare classic because many were raced, wrecked, or changed a lot during their glory days.

A Modern Nod to the Good Old Days

The car we’re talking about today isn’t an original SC/Rambler, but it’s a modern tribute that does justice to the factory version.

It’s not just about looks this restomod has modern parts to make it more comfy and reliable. It’s like a salute to one of the coolest muscle cars from back in the day.

Looks-wise, the restomod closely follows the original SC/Rambler, sticking to its vibrant colors. The builder went for the more colorful “A scheme” version but added a twist by blending in elements from the “B scheme.”

Look closely, and you’ll see a mix of red and blue stripes, with a hint of silver flake in the paint for that extra style. Inside, it’s not exactly like the original, but it keeps the vibe of the old days.

A Modern Engine Rumble

Under the hood, things are way different from the original SC/Rambler. The original V8 got replaced with a powerhouse 401-cubic-inch engine, put together by the famous engine builder Ken Maisano.

Dyno-tested at a massive 657 horsepower, this beast now sends 562 horses to the rear wheels, revving up to 7,300 rpm way more power than any AMC engine back then.

When you start up the engine, the car earns its “Super Scrambler” nickname, making a thunderous sound that fills the air.

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For fans of classic AMC cars, this restomod is a must-see. So, hit that play button and watch the revival of the awesome powerhouse the AMC SC/Rambler.

Photo Credits – AutotopiaLA

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