Restoring a Classic: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

Muscle cars saw their golden age fade in the 1970s as manufacturers prioritized compliance with new safety and emission regulations. While the iconic badges remained, the cars bearing them lost much of their original power and charm. Yet, the passion of enthusiasts kept the spirit alive, preserving gems like this 1969 Plymouth Road Runner. Although this particular Road Runner needs a complete restoration, its solid foundation and original drivetrain make it a promising project for any muscle car enthusiast.

A Glimpse into History

Plymouth launched the Road Runner in 1968, aiming to offer an affordable yet powerful alternative to its GTX model. This approach brought the muscle car back to its budget-friendly roots. The history of this Road Runner is partly revealed through its original Broadcast Sheet, which indicates the car was originally Silver (Code A4) with a Black vinyl top. Over forty years ago, it was repainted Green, a color that extends into the engine bay and door jambs, reflecting a thorough job. The car remains structurally sound despite some visible rust and the need for new floor pans. A comprehensive restoration could restore its factory appearance, complete with its optional N96 “Air Grabber” hood for enhanced engine performance.

Exterior: Solid Yet Needing Attention

The exterior of this 1969 Road Runner shows signs of age and wear, especially with rust in the lower rear quarter panels and other areas. The car’s structure remains intact, which is promising for restoration enthusiasts. The Green paint, though not original, covers every nook and cranny, indicating a meticulous repaint job done decades ago. Restoring it to its original Silver with a Black vinyl top would respect its heritage and enhance its market value. The sports wheels and intact glass and trim pieces add to its overall appeal.

Interior: A Complete Overhaul Required

The interior of the Road Runner is a testament to the ravages of time. The Green vinyl upholstery is significantly damaged, necessitating a full retrim. Given Plymouth’s minimalist approach with the Road Runner, the interior is quite basic, featuring a bench seat, heater, AM radio, 3-speed wipers, cigar lighter, and glovebox lock. A high-quality trim kit could restore the interior to its former glory, providing a stunning factory appearance.

Power Under the Hood

Under the hood, the Road Runner boasts a 383ci V8 engine, delivering 335hp and 425 ft/lbs of torque. This powerful engine, coupled with a four-speed manual transmission and a 3.23 Sure Grip rear end, offered impressive performance back in the day. Despite its aged appearance, the Road Runner runs and drives perfectly, with the seller noting recent updates to the exhaust and brake systems. The original carburetor and intake are included, allowing the new owner to restore it to factory specifications if desired.

A Potential Investment

Listed on eBay in Saugatuck, Michigan, for a Buy It Now price of $34,200 with an option to make an offer, this 1969 Plymouth Road Runner has garnered significant interest. Considering the work needed, the asking price might seem high, but the car’s solid foundation and original drivetrain present a valuable opportunity for the right buyer. Whether you’re inclined to hit the Buy It Now button or prefer making a realistic offer, this classic muscle car offers a promising restoration project for dedicated enthusiasts.


This 1969 Plymouth Road Runner represents a slice of muscle car history waiting to be revived. Its solid structure, original drivetrain, and a few rare features make it a worthy candidate for restoration. For those passionate about classic cars, taking on this project could be a rewarding journey, restoring a piece of automotive history to its former glory. Would you take the plunge or prefer a more cautious approach?


Source: barnfinds

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