Post-War Boom! How Ford Became America’s Two-Car Family Hero

After World War II, America went through some big changes, and the Ford Motor Company was quick to adapt with a cool marketing move called the Two-Ford Family campaign.

Noticing the Shift: Post-War America

Once World War II was over, lots of families were moving from cities to the suburbs, changing how people lived.

Women, who had been working during the war, didn’t want to stick to just being homemakers. This shift in lifestyle set the stage for Ford’s Two-Ford Family campaign.

Getting Used to Two Cars: Adapting to Postwar Life

Before the war, most families had just one car. But after the war, things changed, and families started needing two cars. Ford saw this and came up with the Two-Ford Family idea to connect with people. The campaign worked really well for several years.

Cool Commercial in 1956: Catching the Vibe

One cool part of the Two-Ford Family campaign is the 1956 Ford commercial. In the ad, a young housewife in pearls talks about the need for two cars in the suburbs.

The pitch is that, for the cost of one fancy car, a family could get two new Fords. And with prices between $1,800 to $2,500 and easy credit, it became even more attractive.


Finding the Right Mix: Style and Affordability

The Two-Ford Family made sure to balance being affordable and stylish. The commercial showed off two choices the sporty two-door Ranch Wagon and the elegant two-door Victoria hardtop.

There was also the Customline model with a touch of sophistication. These cars were half the cost of a Cadillac, making them a great option for families who wanted style without breaking the bank.

Leaving a Mark: Legacy of the Two-Ford Family

Even now, collectors love cars from the Two-Ford Family era, like the sporty Ranch Wagon and the rare Customline Victoria hardtop.

This campaign didn’t just meet the needs of families back then it also left a lasting mark on American cars.

Check out the video below to see what the era was like and why the Two-Ford Family was so cool.

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