Old-School Cool On Wheels: The Story Of The 1975 Dodge Woodsman 4×4

In the world of old campers, the 1975 Dodge Woodsman 4×4 is a real gem, and only eight were ever made. Among the different versions of the Woodsman, the 4×4 one is extra special because it has a cool bare aluminum body, making it super rare.

Now, this unique piece of car history is up for grabs on eBay, and adventure lovers and vintage fans are all buzzing about it. The bidding war has started, and the current bid is $5,100, but the secret price hasn’t been reached yet.

This camper is in Simi Valley, California, waiting for someone with a knack for fixing up old things. Big shoutout to Alex for telling us about this awesome classic camper!

A Blank Canvas for Your Imagination: Redoing the Inside

If you take a peek inside, you’ll see that the previous owner really worked hard on fixing it up. They took out everything inside, sanded it down, and put on a special layer to stop rust.

The floor got a makeover with new supports and strong plywood covered in special wrap and sealed with a marine wood sealer.

The walls got a layer of spray foam to keep things cozy, and now, the floor is shiny aluminum. With the inside all empty, the next owner can turn it into their own special space on wheels.


Making a Cozy Home in a Small Space

This RV is only 20 feet long, so using the space well is a puzzle. With tiny homes and the “Van Life” trend going strong, there are lots of clever ideas to get inspired by for designing the inside. What would you want in your dream RV?

Powerful and Strong: The Heart of the 1975 Dodge Woodsman 4×4

Underneath, this camper is on a tough 3/4-ton Dodge 4×4 pickup chassis with a strong 318 cubic inch V8 engine. The odometer shows only 22,600 miles, proving this machine is tough.

It has an automatic transmission, making the driving experience smooth and reliable. If you’re into combining old charm with new possibilities, the 1975 Dodge Woodsman 4×4 is a cool project to think about. What do you think about this mix of history and adventure?

What would you put inside this old camper to make it your dream home on wheels? Tell us your ideas below, and make sure to show this article to your family and friends who love a mix of history and adventure!

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