Morgan and Pininfarina Present Midsummer


Morgan Motor Company and Pininfarina S.p.A. have unveiled Midsummer, a special edition car that pays homage to the golden age of European barchetta designs. Limited to just 50 units, Midsummer combines classic elegance with modern innovation.

Design and Engineering

Timeless Aesthetics

Midsummer features hand-formed aluminum body panels that take over 250 hours to create. Its design is a tribute to the iconic Morgan silhouette, enhanced by Pininfarina’s touch.

Advanced Engineering

Built on Morgan’s latest CX-Generation Bonded Aluminum Platform, the vehicle is powered by a six-cylinder turbocharged engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission. The engineering challenges were met with innovative solutions, integrating both traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

Craftsmanship and Production

Unique Collaboration

Morgan’s master craftsmen and engineers worked closely, using advanced computer-aided design (CAD) informed by traditional skills. The high number of hand-formed elements increases the complexity and production time.

Limited Production


Each of the 50 units will be meticulously crafted in Morgan’s UK factory, with production commencing in the third quarter of 2024.


Midsummer is a celebration of over two centuries of combined coachbuilding expertise between Morgan and Pininfarina, merging tradition with cutting-edge technology.

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