Hudson’s 1929 Transformation: Introducing “The Greater Hudson”

A Bold Move Away from the “Super Six”

In 1929, Hudson stunned its loyal customers by retiring the iconic “Super Six” designation, a name synonymous with performance and reliability. Instead, the automaker introduced a new lineup under the moniker “The Greater Hudson.” This rebranding reflected the buoyant optimism of the pre-Depression era, signaling Hudson’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Two Distinct Models: The Model R and Model L

For the 1929 model year, Hudson’s offerings were divided into two distinct lines: the Model R and the Model L.

The Model R: A Balanced Performer

The Model R was built on a 122.5-inch wheelbase chassis, designed to provide a balance of agility and comfort. It catered to buyers looking for a mid-sized car that didn’t compromise on performance or value.

The Model L: Hudson’s Flagship

Standing at the top of Hudson’s range was the prestigious Model L, featuring a longer 139-inch wheelbase chassis. This model was the epitome of luxury and exclusivity, with semi-custom bodies crafted by Biddle & Smart. The Model L showcased Hudson’s ability to blend high-end craftsmanship with cutting-edge automotive technology.


Under the Hood: Hudson’s Powerful F-head ‘Six’

Powering both the Model R and Model L was Hudson’s robust 92 bhp F-head ‘six’ engine. This engine was renowned for its lively performance and reliability. The well-engineered chassis, equipped with double-action dampers and powerful Bendix brakes, ensured a refined and enjoyable driving experience, setting new standards in the mid-priced car market.

A Resounding Market Response

Hudson’s bold rebranding and innovative model lineup paid off handsomely. In 1929, the company achieved over 71,000 deliveries to dealers, an impressive feat that highlighted its strong market presence. This remarkable success propelled Hudson to third place in the annual sales charts, trailing only industry giants Chevrolet and Ford.

Conclusion: Hudson’s Legacy of Innovation

Hudson’s introduction of “The Greater Hudson” in 1929 exemplified the company’s innovative spirit and ability to adapt to changing market demands. By offering exceptional value, performance, and quality, Hudson solidified its reputation in the automotive world, leaving a lasting legacy that still resonates with classic car enthusiasts today.

Source: Bonhams Cars

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