Exquisite 1934 Lincoln KB Seven-Passenger Limousine Up for Sale

A Rare Masterpiece

The 1934 Lincoln KB is a shining example of pre-war luxury and craftsmanship. This model, one of only 77 built with the Willoughby seven-passenger limousine coachwork, has been lovingly maintained and restored Owned by the current proprietor for the past 20 years, this classic car has recently undergone an extensive multiyear refurbishment, preserving its historical charm and functionality.

Comprehensive Restoration

Completed five years ago, the restoration of this Lincoln KB involved a thorough repaint in a timeless black hue and a re-trim of the interior in elegant grey cloth and black leather. The powerful 414ci V12 engine received a complete overhaul, ensuring it ran as smoothly as it did in its prime. Chrome brightwork was re-plated, and various aluminium body panels were replaced, highlighting the meticulous attention to detail in the restoration process.

Authentic Features and Design

The Lincoln KB boasts several authentic features that underscore its luxury and sophistication. The vehicle has a three-speed manual transmission and cable-actuated duo-servo drum brakes with adjustable vacuum assistance. The suspension system includes thermostatic shock absorbers, ensuring a smooth and controlled ride.

Externally, the car is a visual delight with four rear-hinged doors, a leather roof panel, a mesh grille with thermostatically controlled shutters, and a greyhound radiator-cap mascot. The body-colour wire wheels, wrapped in wide-whitewall tyres, add to its classic look, complemented by dual side-mount spares housed under painted covers.


Luxurious Interior

The interior of this Lincoln KB is a sanctuary of luxury and comfort. The rear passenger compartment features grey tufted cloth upholstery, colour-matched fold-out jump seats, and a central cowl panel. Additional amenities include grey carpeting, a footrest, a robe rope, a clock, dual cigar lighters and ashtrays, wood window frames, roll-up privacy shades, and an intercom system.

The chauffeur’s compartment is impressive, with a black leather bench seat, a wood dash fascia, and a three-spoke steering wheel. The dashboard incorporates a 110-mph speedometer, a clock, and a combination gauge that monitors fuel level, oil pressure, coolant temperature, and amperage. The five-digit odometer shows just four miles since the refurbishment, with approximately 500 miles added under current ownership.

Engine and Performance

Under the hood, the 414ci V12 engine, featuring aluminium cylinder heads, a chain-driven camshaft, side valves, and a dual-throat downdraft carburettor, delivers a factory-rated 150 horsepower. This powerhouse is paired with a three-speed manual transmission that includes synchromesh between second and third gears. With solid axles and semi-elliptical leaf springs, the suspension setup is enhanced by hydraulic lever-arm shock absorbers with thermostatic compensation, providing a comfortable and stable driving experience.

A Unique Opportunity

This 1934 Lincoln KB is now available on dealer consignment. It has detailed refurbishment documentation and a clean California title. For classic car enthusiasts and collectors, this is a unique opportunity to own a piece of automotive history, a vehicle that epitomizes the elegance and engineering excellence of its time.

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