Experience the 1955 Ford Sunliner: A Classic Convertible Marvel


Step back in time with the 1955 Ford Sunliner, a beautifully restored convertible that embodies the elegance and innovation of mid-century American automotive design.

Rich History and Design

The Ford Fairlane series, introduced in 1955, marked a new era for Ford, with the Sunliner as the flagship convertible. Notable for its panoramic windshield and stylish two-tone color scheme in Raven Black and Goldenrod, this model is a testament to the era’s design flair.

Key Features

  • Powertrain: Under the hood lies a 272 cubic inch Y-block V8 engine, producing 162 horsepower, paired with a Ford-O-Matic three-speed automatic transmission.
  • Restoration and Condition: Meticulously restored, this Sunliner boasts excellent paintwork, a pristine interior, and an upgraded 12-volt electrical system. Safety features include lap belts.
  • Exterior and Interior: Features a power-operated black cloth top, continental kit, dual exhaust, wide whitewall tires, and a matching two-tone vinyl interior.

Performance and Comfort

This convertible offers a smooth and comfortable driving experience with power-assisted steering and braking. The seller attests to its excellent performance and the functionality of its power convertible top.

Collectibility and Pricing

This 1955 Ford Sunliner, priced at $56,900, is a rare find for classic car enthusiasts. Its restored condition and historical significance make it valuable to any collection.



The 1955 Ford Sunliner is not just a car; it’s a piece of history. Perfect for summer drives, it combines classic aesthetics with modern functionality.

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