Discovering The Timeless Beauty: The 1950 Oldsmobile Polynesian Coupe

It’s the early 1950s, and the world of custom cars is booming with excitement. In the midst of this automotive frenzy, one car stands out—the Polynesian. Crafted in 1952 by the talented folks at Valley Customs in Burbank, California.

This special car was ordered by Jack Stewart, a car lover from Canton, Ohio. Fresh from military service, Stewart fell in love with custom cars when he saw Dunn’s Ford at the Motorama show in Los Angeles.

The Exciting Transformation

Completely captivated, Stewart got in touch with Neil Emory and Clayton Jensen of Valley Custom. He had a dream to transform his ’50 Oldsmobile 88, and over nine months, the car underwent an incredible makeover.

The changes included a 4-inch body section, a redesigned front, unique fender skirts, and a cool front bumper/grille made from a ’47 Olds bumper. The headlights got a special touch, and ’52 Studebaker taillights were treated the same way.

Emory and Jensen, who were true experts, used hammer-welding and metal-finishing to make the car look fantastic, ending with a beautiful orchid metallic finish.


In the Limelight

Debuting in Hot Rod magazine in September 1953, the Polynesian became a star. It even won ‘best of show’ at the first Michigan Auto Rama in 1953, proving it was a showstopper. The car appeared in many magazines and books, becoming famous in the world of custom cars.

A Mysterious Disappearance and a Glorious Comeback

But like many classic cars, the Polynesian disappeared mysteriously, hiding away in storage for a long time where it faced the effects of time. It wasn’t until 2005 that a dedicated owner decided to restore it to its former glory carefully.

Under the Hood

Beneath the shiny exterior is the powerful heart of the Polynesian—a strong 324 cubic-inch Oldsmobile V8 engine. With a .030 overbore, egge cast aluminum pistons, and a 9:1 compression ratio, this engine brings the iconic custom coupe to life.

In essence, the Polynesian tells a story of a time when people put their hearts and skills into making timeless cars.

With its triumphant return, this Oldsmobile 88 Holiday 2-door coupe keeps capturing the imaginations of car lovers, showing that classic custom cars will always be fascinating.

As we enjoy the renewed Polynesian, let’s think about what other hidden treasures from the golden age of custom cars might be waiting to be discovered.

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