Discover the 1962 Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery: A Classic Gem


The 1962 Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery stands out as a rare and unique piece of automotive history. Once a commercial workhorse, this vehicle is now a prized collectible.

A Brief History

Ford introduced the Falcon in 1960 to combat the rising popularity of imported cars. The Falcon was Ford’s compact, practical answer, available in various configurations including the Sedan Delivery, which replaced the earlier Courier models.

Unique Features

  • Original Purpose: This particular 1962 Falcon was originally used as an ambulance by the Kirby Lumber Company in Texas.
  • Engine: Equipped with a 144 cubic inch six-cylinder engine and a three-speed manual transmission.
  • Special Order: It features a unique six-digit DSO code, indicating a special order, likely for its commercial use.

Rarity and Value

Only 1,568 of these models were built, making it a rare find. Priced at $11,995, this Falcon represents both historical value and a unique opportunity for collectors.


The 1962 Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery is more than just a classic car; it’s a piece of American automotive history, offering a glimpse into the practical yet versatile designs of the early 60s.


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