Bringing Attention to the Overlooked: The 1966 Ford Falcon, Lost in the Mustang’s Hype.

Hey there, car experts! Today, let’s dive into the exciting world of the 1966 Ford Falcon. This cool car had a makeover that year, and we’re about to unveil its secrets.

Unveiling the 1966 Ford Falcon

In 1966, the Ford Falcon went through a big transformation. Even though it got a sleek new look with fresh metal sheets, it wasn’t getting as much attention as its famous sibling, the Mustang.

The Rise and Fall of the Falcon

Back in 1960, the Falcon was a big deal for Ford. It was successful and played an important role in the company’s lineup. But things changed when the flashy Mustang came onto the scene in 1964. Suddenly, the Falcon wasn’t in the spotlight anymore.

A Glimpse into 1966: Ford’s Glamour Campaign

In 1966, Ford wanted to bring back the glory of the Falcon. They aimed to make it more exciting and glamorous. Unlike the Mustang with its many options, the ’66 Falcon kept it simple, offering just three engines.

These included a 170 cubic-inch six, a 200 cubic-inch six, and a 289 cubic-inch V8 with 200 horsepower.

Shifting Focus: Economy Over Extravagance

What made the ’66 Falcon special was its focus on being economical and a great value, not just flashy and fast.


It came in three body styles: a two-door post coupe, a sedan, and a station wagon. Forget about hardtops or convertibles – Ford wanted to emphasize practicality and affordability.

Exterior Facelift and the Road Ahead

Even though it wasn’t the flashiest, the ’66 Falcon got a whole new look in 1966. The exterior got a complete makeover that stuck around until 1970. After a solid run, the Falcon stepped aside for the Maverick.

Conclusion: A Nostalgic Glimpse

Looking back, the 1966 Ford Falcon gives us a peek into a time of change for Ford. While the Mustang stole the show, the Falcon stayed true to being an affordable and reliable ride. It might not have been the trendsetter for glamour and speed, but it definitely made its mark in car history.

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