Bold and Beautiful: The 1969 Oldsmobile 442

Muscle cars have always been synonymous with boldness and aggression, and the 1969 Oldsmobile 442 is no exception. This model transformed into a stunning Triple-Black masterpiece, is guaranteed to attract attention and admiration wherever it goes. While it may not be an original survivor, its presentation leaves little to be criticized.

A Glimpse into the History

Oldsmobile introduced the second generation of the 442 in 1968, finally giving it standalone model status after debuting as an option in 1964. This standalone glory was brief, lasting only until 1972. Our feature car, a 1969 model, has undergone significant transformations, shedding its original state to become the dream muscle car of its current owner.

Exterior Excellence

The seller of this Oldsmobile 442 acknowledges it is not an original numbers-matching survivor. However, the current Ebony Black paint with a matching vinyl top creates a striking visual impact. The depth and shine of the paint are exceptional, reflecting its surroundings like a mirror. The car retains its original steel body, with no rust issues reported, adding to its appeal. The trim and glass are in excellent condition, and the Super Stock II wheels enhance the car’s aggressive stance.

Impeccable Interior

The Interior of this 442 has been meticulously retrimmed to match its bold exterior. The Triple-Black theme continues inside, with flawless upholstered surfaces and pristine carpets. The dash, pad, and console are all in excellent condition. The Hurst shifter and under-dash gauges add a touch of customization, while the retro-style stereo blends seamlessly, maintaining an authentic feel.

Under the Hood

A single-engine bay shot reveals the original 400ci V8 was beyond repair. In its place, a period-correct 455 V8 has been installed. Although the exact specifications are unclear, similar engines of the era boasted around 365 horsepower and 500 ft/lbs of torque. This power is channeled through the original three-speed manual transmission, promising a thrilling driving experience. While we lack specific information on its performance, visual cues suggest the car runs well.

The “Wow” Factor

Some cars have an undeniable “wow” factor, and this 1969 Oldsmobile 442 is one of them. From its gleaming paint job to its spotless Interior, it’s easy to see why it has garnered significant interest. Currently listed on eBay in Lapeer, Michigan, it has already attracted thirty-two bids, pushing the price to $17,400, though it remains below the reserve.

Ready to Make a Bid?

Are you tempted to join the bidding frenzy? With its stunning presentation and impressive specifications, this Oldsmobile 442 is a classic muscle car that’s hard to resist. Take your chance to own a piece of automotive history that combines bold aesthetics with raw power.


source: barnfinds

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