Aussie Muscle Legend: One Man’s 25-Year Love Affair with a Valiant Charger

Meet Brian Johnson, a retired retail manager and former Woolworths employee, who has been living a dreamy adventure with his 1977 Chrysler Valiant Charger 770 for a whopping 25 years.

As he takes us down memory lane, it’s clear that this classic Aussie car is more than just metal and wheels  it’s a labor of love and a symbol of the everlasting charm of vintage rides.

A Surprising Find in the Maitland Mercury

In 1992, right before Brian’s retirement, he stumbled upon a real treasure in an unexpected place – the classifieds section of the local paper, the Maitland Mercury.

Back then, the 1977 Valiant Charger was just another used car, with an uncertain fate. Brian fondly recalls, “It was at that 15-year mark, where a car could either be run into the ground or become a bargain-priced keeper for an enthusiast.”

With retirement on the horizon, Brian went to see the Charger with his son. To his delight, despite 15 years on the road, the car was in pretty good shape. The asking price was $2300, but Brian, the skilled negotiator, managed to bring it down to $1900.

Revealing the Hidden Beauty Beneath the Yellow Paint


Fresh from a journey down from Darwin, the Charger sported an unusual choice of yellow paint that covered every shiny factory detail. Brian describes it as “hideous,” with no chrome in sight. Undaunted, he took on the challenge of restoring the car’s original glory.

“I took off the bumpers and everything, and with some paint stripper, it all came off OK,” Brian recalls. The true beauty of the Charger emerged, and the next tasks were fixing the shock absorbers and brakes. Mechanically, the Charger needed minimal attention in the 25 years Brian has owned it, proving the durability of its design.

Cruisin’ with the Newcastle Restored Vehicle Club

Now a proud member of the Newcastle Restored Vehicle Club for two decades, Brian has driven about 45,000 km in his Charger out of the 180,000 km displayed on the odometer.

With historic plates proudly displayed, this Charger isn’t just for show it actively participates in various club runs. Brian excitedly shares, “Our club has runs once or twice per month, so we get to go on some good runs.”

From beach-side Terrigal to scenic Port Stephens and even venturing hours away to Merriwa, the Charger has been a trustworthy companion on these exciting journeys.

With 80 members and 150 cars, the club provides a lively community for classic car enthusiasts like Brian.

The Battle-Scarred Beauty

Unlike cars kept in pristine condition, Brian’s Charger bears the marks of a life well-lived. Rescuing the factory chrome from beneath layers of yellow paint was just the beginning.

Over the years, the Lemon Twist paint has seen a few touch-ups, but the original ’70s side-stripes have weathered the hot Aussie summers. While the front seats gave in to time, Brian replaced them, leaving the rest of the car in its authentic state.

“I’ve done just about nothing else to it in those 25 years,” Brian proudly declares. The engine, a 318-cubic inch V8 with Chrysler’s ELB system, remains untouched. Despite tempting offers from admirers, Brian firmly states, “It’s not for sale. I’ll keep tinkering with it… it’s a terrific fun club car.”

In a world where time often wears away the beauty of the past, Brian’s 1977 Valiant Charger stands as a timeless reminder of the joy in preserving automotive history.

As the Charger cruises down memory lane, it carries not just the stories of its past but also the dreams and adventures of its proud owner, Brian Johnson.

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