America’s Finest Car in 1956: Meet the Continental Mark II!

Travel back in time with us and get to know the 1956 Continental Mark II, a super cool car made by the Ford Motor Company.

Forget about today’s flashy ads back then, they didn’t rely on TV commercials but chose fancy magazines instead. We found a rare TV ad that gives us a peek into what made the Mark II so special.

A Movie-Like Show: The Mark II in Action

In this old TV ad, the Mark II takes the stage just like in those cool magazine ads. There are no fast-moving action shots here – instead, they focus on the timeless beauty of a black Mark II coupe, looking classy and charming in every scene.

Behind the Scenes: Making the Best Car

We’ve talked about the Mark II before at Mac’s Motor City Garage, but let’s go over the cool parts again. William Clay Ford, the youngest of the Ford grandsons, had a vision for the Mark II to be the best car Ford ever made.

It came from a special Continental division, aiming for top notch quality. Although some people thought it was entirely hand-built, it actually had better quality than other Ford cars.

Checking the Mark II’s Skills: Are They True?

In this rare ad, we’re looking into Ford’s claims. They talk a lot about “fancy fabrics and imported leathers” and putting on “lots of hand-rubbed lacquer.” These details help us understand how much work went into making this awesome car.


The Big Finish: Saying It’s the Best

At the end of the video, they boldly say, “The Continental Mark II it has no equal. It is simply and beautifully America’s finest car.”

In a time when cars were changing a lot, this statement sums up what makes the Mark II special, showing it as a classic symbol of American car greatness.

Travel Back in Time

Sit back, chill, and let’s go back to 1956 to see the fancy Continental Mark II. In a world where cars are always changing, the Mark II stands out as a reminder of a time when making cars was like creating art. Watch this rare TV ad with us and see why the 1956 Continental Mark II is the best from Ford.

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