Advancing the Forward Look: The 1955 Chrysler Flight Sweep Dream Cars

Chrysler had some cool cars in 1955. The styling boss, Virgil Exner, was already thinking about the future with Flight Sweep concept cars. Exner saw the “Forward Look” as a forever-changing style that would keep Chrysler awesome for years. He didn’t just stick to one.

Flight Sweep I and II were born at Carrozzeria Ghia in Italy on the ’54 DeSoto chassis, packing severe Hemi V8 power. They came with all the whistles – power everything! These babies were longer than most cars and lower, too, looking super sleek.

Even though they were similar, Fire Sweep I was a convertible with a cloth top, while Fire Sweep II was a hardtop coupe with cool curved glass. They both had those crazy angled windshields and a hidden tyre trunk. That style ended up in lots of Chrysler cars later on.


They debuted at the Chrysler Building in NYC and then toured until ’56. You can see their influence on the new Dodge and Plymouth models that came out after. The Flight Sweep vibe was everywhere that year, showing off that awesome “Forward Look.” And wow, did it make waves when the ’57 Chryslers hit the scene?

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