A Timeless Wonder: The 1957 Chrysler Ghia Super Dart 400

In the world of incredible cars, the 1957 Chrysler Ghia Super Dart 400 stands out as a true work of art. It’s not just a car; it’s a piece of history that combines stunning looks with a special place in the world of car shows.

Created by the talented folks at Carrozzeria Ghia, this unique concept car has not only wowed audiences but has also been carefully preserved, making it a prized possession for car enthusiasts.

Ghia’s Style and Innovation

Let’s take a trip back to the roots of this amazing car. Carrozzeria Ghia, founded by Giacinto Ghia in 1919, was known for making luxurious car bodies.

After World War II, Ghia became a hub for Italy’s top designers, like Michelotti, Boano, and Frua. Together, they played a big role in making Ghia a success.

Chrysler’s Big Idea and Teamwork


Now, let’s talk about how this classic car came to be. Chrysler had a big vision, and they teamed up with Carrozzeria Ghia to create two special show cars, the Dart and the Super Dart 400, unveiled in 1956 and 1957.

The Dart made its debut in 1956, setting the stage for the powerful Super Dart 400.

What’s Under the Hood?

So, what makes the Super Dart 400 so special? Well, it’s not just about looks. Built on a 1957 Chrysler 300C chassis, it proudly shows off the iconic insignia on its tail fins, hinting at the powerful 400-horsepower Chrysler Hemi engine underneath.

This engine wasn’t just for show it was carefully put together on Chrysler’s industrial engine line.

The engine’s performance was boosted with special components, including the optional “Power Pack” from Chrysler, giving it a 10:1 compression ratio and taking the horsepower to new heights.

In simple terms, the Super Dart 400 is more than a car. It’s a result of Chrysler’s innovation and Ghia’s artistic touch working together.

Today, this well-preserved piece of history is a symbol of a time when craftsmanship and power came together to create a car that goes beyond the ordinary, leaving a lasting mark on the world of cars.

What’s Your Favorite Classic Car?

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