A Classic Makeover: The 1959 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe

For the second year running, the 1959 Chevrolet underwent a significant transformation. Moving away from its successful “Tri-Five” platform after 1957, Chevy introduced an all-new model in 1958. However, stiff competition from Chrysler’s 1957 “Forward Look” designs spurred another redesign for 1959. The result? A sleek, lower-than-ever vehicle sporting distinctive flat tailfins resembling batwings.

A Numbers-Matching Gem

The seller’s 1959 Impala Sport Coupe is a numbers-matching vehicle featuring a potent Tri-Power 348 cubic inch V8 engine. This powerhouse has been meticulously rebuilt and is primed for action. However, the cosmetic restoration is still a work in progress.

Detailed Seller Information

Unlike many classic cars listed on Barn Finds, this Impala comes with an abundance of details from the seller. This work-in-progress has seen the motor receive priority, followed by some reinforcement of the sheet metal, such as the floors. Nonetheless, a comprehensive restoration is still required, including a completely new interior.

Transmission Options

This Chevy is equipped with its original Turboglide automatic transmission, along with a 4-speed manual option for those who prefer a more hands-on driving experience. You can keep one transmission and sell the other. All numbers align, confirming this Impala was a formidable machine when it rolled out of the factory 65 years ago, boasting triple 2-barrel carburetion.

Mileage and Condition

The odometer shows 80,000 miles, accumulated before the car underwent restoration. While the original Snowcrest White paint remains, the front fenders have been replaced, leaving some cosmetic work still to be completed.

Current State and Potential

Photos reveal the car in various stages of assembly, with the front clip and engine merely positioned in place, awaiting further work from the new owner. The original factory-tinted glass remains intact, a desirable feature for these “bubble top” models. The seller has even decoded the cowl tag, verifying the car’s authenticity as it was in 1959.

Location and Availability

Currently located in Fruita, Colorado, this Chevy Impala has had only two previous owners and is now searching for a third to complete its restoration journey. It’s available on eBay with the bidding currently at $31,000. Imagine the thrill of driving this 285-hp Impala once it’s fully restored!



The 1959 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe is a remarkable piece of automotive history, offering a unique blend of vintage design and potent performance. With some dedicated restoration work, this classic beauty can be transformed into a show-stopping machine, ready to turn heads and capture hearts once more.

Source: barnfinds

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