1968 Mercury Cougar Revealed After Years of Rest

In the cool world of classic cars, finding one that’s perfectly preserved is like discovering hidden treasure. Stumbling upon the 1968 Mercury Cougar, which recently emerged from a long nap in a garage, snug under a cover, was a delightful surprise.

This slick car, with its eye-catching look and all its original parts, is like a living piece of car history.

A Glimpse into the Past: The Cougar’s V8 Power

Back in 1967, the Cougar made its debut, showing off its love for V8 engines. Unlike other cars at the time, it didn’t settle for slower six-cylinder options. Instead, it went for the powerful engines from the Mustang.

One standout was the 289, a strong engine in the Mustang, which found its way into the Cougar, offering 200 and 225 horsepower in two- and four-barrel configurations.

In 1968, the 289 got a makeover, stepping back a bit from the Cougar lineup. To fill the gap, Mercury brought in the 302, a base V8. With 210 horsepower in the two-barrel version and 230 horsepower in the four-barrel setup, the 302 brought new energy to the Cougar.

A few months later, the 289 made a grand return, accompanied by the mighty 428 Cobra Jet Ram Air, boasting a massive 335 horsepower.


Revealing the Untouched: The 1968 Mercury Cougar

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show a stunning 1968 model. Covered in its original glory, the owner spilled a few details on eBay.

This car, without air conditioning, has an engine that still “runs good.” Stored carefully in a garage with a cover, its flawless body shape tells the story of its long sleep.

Under the hood, the original 302 two-barrel engine powers this Cougar, putting out a respectable 210 horsepower. Surprisingly, this powerhouse has only had one owner since it left the factory, making it even more special.

Searching for Perfection: The Rare All-Original

Among classic car lovers, finding a 1968 Mercury Cougar in all-original condition is like finding a rare gem. While there were many made in 1968 (113,000 to be exact), most didn’t survive the years in top condition.

This Cougar seems to defy the odds, needing only a few fixes and showing off a rust-free body and floors.

But, be careful! The peeling paint on the hood raises questions about its authenticity. Despite the promise of being all-original, a closer look might reveal a less-than-perfect paint job. Details matter!

Ready for the Road: The Cougar’s Charm

Look beyond the surface, and you’ll find little to complain about with this Cougar. The inside is flawless, the V8 engine roars to life without a hitch, and all the parts are there. This vintage beauty is all set for a drive, bringing back the spirit of the past.

But, here’s the catch it comes with a price tag. Bidding starts at $21,000, and there’s a reserve to make sure the final price goes even higher.

If you dream of having this classic in your own garage, the seller, r2rnvegas, invites you to Big Sandy, Tennessee, for a close-up look at this automotive time capsule.

What’s your take on this perfectly preserved 1968 Mercury Cougar? Have you ever found a vintage gem hiding in plain sight? Share your stories in the comments below!

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