1962 Lincoln Continental Saved From Barn After 20 Years, Rare Convertible

As a full-size luxury car, the Lincoln Continental was not for the budget-conscious buyer. The base model, a stately four-door sedan, cost over $6,000. The convertible version was available for around $6,700 for those wanting a touch more extravagance.

A Slow Start with a Steady Rise

The new generation of Lincoln Continental initially struggled in the market. In 1961, only a little over 25,000 units were shipped. However, sales began to pick up in 1962, with production increasing to 31,000 Continentals. The pinnacle of success for this generation came in 1966, with Lincoln selling 54,755 units.

Discovering a Hidden Gem: The 1962 Lincoln Continental Barn Find

Enter this remarkable 1962 Lincoln Continental barn find, now listed on eBay by seller collectorcarswanted. Rescued from an estate, this convertible presents a unique opportunity for classic car enthusiasts.

Condition and Restoration Needs

The seller has generously provided a detailed photo gallery to see the car’s current state. This Continental is 99% complete but needs a full restoration. The harsh Midwest weather has taken its toll, resulting in notable rust damage.

Under the hood, the original 430 V8 engine is no longer running. After sitting in the same spot for over two decades, it’s still being determined whether the engine can be revived. Prospective buyers should inspect the car in person to gauge its potential fully.

A Rare and Valuable Find

Lincoln produced only 3,212 convertibles in 1962, and this particular model is even rarer with its factory-installed air conditioning. Given its scarcity, this car will be on the market for a while. The seller asserts that this Continental could easily be worth over $100,000 once restored to factory conditions. The ultimate value, however, will depend heavily on the quality of the restoration.

Investment Potential

This Continental, priced at $19,500, presents a significant investment opportunity. However, potential buyers should know that restoring a Continental is neither easy nor cheap. While 99% of the car is intact, not all parts may be usable.


See it for Yourself

If you’re seriously considering this classic beauty, your best move is to see it in person. The car is parked in Scottsdale, Arizona, and once a deal is made, you’ll need to arrange transportation to bring it home.

For anyone looking to own a piece of automotive history, this 1962 Lincoln Continental could be the perfect project. Take the chance to restore and preserve this rare classic car.

Source: autoevolution

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