1961 Dodge Dart Phoenix D-500 Convertible Coupe

In 1961, Dodge did something cool with the Dart Phoenix D-500 Convertible Coupe. They wanted to compete with Ford, Chevrolet, and Plymouth. The Dart was light and fast, with different trims and five engines. It was a luxury option for fancy folks who didn’t want to spend much.

People liked Dart’s stylish design, which Virgil Exner made. It looked like the bigger Matador and Polara Dodges but didn’t break the bank. The Dart was built with unibody, making it more challenging, quiet, and spacious than older designs.

There were three trim levels (Seneca, Pioneer, and Phoenix) for different budgets. Plus, you could choose from various body styles like convertibles and wagons to fit your lifestyle. Dodge knew how to shake things up in 1961!

Photos by Corey Escobar courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

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