1960 Plymouth Belvedere: A Classic with Fins and Flair


Dive into classic American automotive design with the 1960 Plymouth Belvedere. This striking vehicle, known for its iconic fins and bold styling, is a testament to the era’s flair and innovation.

Design and Styling

The 1960 Plymouth Belvedere, part of Virgil Exner’s “Forward Look” series, boasts prominent rear fins known as “Stabilizers” and a distinctive two-tone paint job. The sculpted body lines and eye-catching chrome details enhance its visual appeal.

Interior Features

The Belvedere features a space-age-themed cabin with a floating instrument pod and multi-level dashboard. The replacement upholstery is in excellent condition, complementing the vehicle’s nostalgic charm.


Powered by a 318 cubic inch “Polysphere” V8 engine paired with a two-speed automatic transmission, the Belvedere offers a smooth driving experience. While it retains a single-pot master brake cylinder, this classic car showcases the engineering of its time.



The 1960 Plymouth Belvedere is rare, combining historical significance with eye-catching design. This classic car is a fantastic choice for those seeking a unique piece of automotive history. For more details, visit the complete listing on [Barn Finds].

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