1957 Oldsmobile 98: Pristine convertible with V8 power, A/C, & timeless luxury. A must-see classic!

Prepare to be amazed by the incredible beauty of the 1957 Oldsmobile 98. This top-notch model features a Continental kit at the back, a powerful J2 tripower engine under the hood, and a rare working factory air conditioning system.

The flawless paint finish, with just a few minor imperfections, complements the shiny chrome and stainless steel trim. The large tail lights and reverse lights add to its classic and charming look.

The spacious trunk, equipped with a gray liner kit and a CD changer, brings a touch of modern convenience to this carefully preserved masterpiece.

Stepping into Timeless Luxury

Entering the Oldsmobile 98’s interior is like stepping into a time machine. The real leather seats, padded dash, and optional clock transport you back to a luxurious and opulent era.

Modern features like power windows, a power seat, and the Wonder Bar radio enhance the driving experience.


Though you’ll find some signs of wear, they only add authenticity to the interior while preserving its original charm and character.

Under the Hood: Power and Performance

Beneath the colossal air cleaner lies the heart of this beauty  a 371-cubic-inch V8 engine with J2 tripower. The rare factory air conditioning, blowing cold air, adds a desirable touch to this 1957 convertible.

The well-maintained engine compartment, complete with the original factory tag and polished AC lines, contributes to its overall allure.

On the Road Again: Driving Experience

Cruising in the 1957 Oldsmobile 98 is an exceptional experience. The hefty body, potent V8 engine, and smooth driving dynamics make it a joy on the road.

Power windows, efficient heating, and a functional horn further add to the comfort and functionality of this classic convertible. The driving experience is a seamless journey, free from vibrations or mechanical concerns.

Exploring the Undercarriage: A Solid Foundation

Underneath, the undercarriage reveals a sturdy frame, spotless floors, and a dual exhaust with glass pack style mufflers. Well-maintained front-end components and clean shocks at all four corners ensure a smooth and reliable ride.

The mechanical condition raises no major concerns, making it an all-around impressive classic.

A Rare Gem: Your Chance to Own a Piece of History

Though not flawless, this 1957 Oldsmobile 98 J2 Convertible is in remarkably good condition considering its age.

Whether you’re a classic car enthusiast or a seasoned collector, this Oldsmobile 98 promises to turn heads and provide a delightful driving experience for anyone fortunate enough to take it for a spin.

Seize the Opportunity

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