1947 Ford V8 Super Deluxe Sportsman ‘Woodie’ Convertible: An Iconic Masterpiece


The 1947 Ford V8 Super Deluxe Sportsman ‘Woodie’ Convertible is a quintessential example of post-war American automotive craftsmanship, merging elegance with robust performance.

Distinctive Design

This model is renowned for its handcrafted wood body, made from mahogany and ash. It showcases Ford’s expertise in woodwork. The convertible design adds an element of luxury, making it a highly coveted classic.

Powerful Performance

Equipped with a 239ci (3.9-litre) V8 engine producing 100 horsepower, the Sportsman offers impressive performance and reliability, a significant leap from its predecessors.

Historical Significance

The Sportsman was introduced when Ford aimed to capture the market with innovative designs. Its combination of wood and steel represented a transitional phase in automotive history, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern engineering.



The 1947 Ford V8 Super Deluxe Sportsman ‘Woodie’ Convertible symbolises innovation and luxury. Its unique design and powerful engine make it a prized possession for classic car enthusiasts.

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