1929 Cadillac Series 341-B V-8 Transformable Town Cabriolet

Cadillac’s Origins and Early Success

Founded in 1903, Cadillac proudly stands as the second-oldest surviving American automaker, just behind Ford. From the outset, Cadillac distinguished itself as a manufacturer of high-quality vehicles in the United States, earning the illustrious title of the “Standard of the World.” By 1910, Cadillac had become part of the General Motors (GM) family under the vision of William C. Durant, cementing its reputation as GM’s most prestigious brand.

Pioneering Innovations: Cadillac’s V-8 Milestones

The Birth of the V-8 Model

In 1915, Cadillac made automotive history by introducing its first V-8 model. This groundbreaking engine underwent continuous refinement, solidifying Cadillac’s reputation for innovation and engineering excellence.

Early Enhancements: 1918 – 1923

By 1918, Cadillac introduced a detachable cylinder head, setting the stage for future advancements. The V-63 model of 1923 featured a balanced crankshaft, further enhancing engine performance and reliability.

The New Ninety Degree Cadillac: 1928

In 1928, Cadillac’s V-8 engine received significant updates, increasing its displacement to 341 cubic inches and its horsepower to 90. This version, known for its L-head configuration, featured a cast iron block, copper/aluminum crankcase, three main bearings, and mechanical valve lifters.

The Evolution of Cadillac: 1929 Updates and Innovations

Technological Advancements

The 1929 Cadillac introduced several technological upgrades. These included the addition of synchromesh on the second and top gears and Duplex mechanical brakes with internal shoes on all four wheels, enhancing both performance and safety. Additionally, safety glass was implemented across the entire model range.

Design Evolution

Cadillac’s adoption of underslung rear springs and a longer wheelbase in 1929 allowed for more elegant and aerodynamic body designs. This era also marked the arrival of Harley Earl, a renowned stylist whose influence would leave a lasting mark on General Motors’ design philosophy.



From its inception in 1903 to its continuous innovation in the automotive industry, Cadillac has remained a symbol of luxury and engineering prowess. As the “Standard of the World,” Cadillac’s legacy is built on a foundation of pioneering technology and timeless design.

Source: Bonhams Cars

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